Drive Belt Replacement Service

The best way to prolong the life of your car is to schedule proper maintenance. Although it may seem like a complete hassle or a dreaded expense, taking care of your car little by little will save you time and money. When you think about typical car services, you may think of an oil change, tire rotation, or wheel alignment. However, have you ever had a professional technician take a look at your drive belt? If you are wondering what that is, you’re not alone.

The drive belt is an essential element to your vehicle, especially when it comes to maintaining a healthy engine. While some cars have two belts and others have one, your drive belt(s) at some point may wear out, causing the AC compressor, water pump, or power steering pump to fail on you. Since this component is a leader of such an important pack, make sure to schedule an appointment with our service department at Toyota of Ardmore to have yours checked out. We look forward to making sure your vehicle is safe and set for the road!

When Do You Need a Drive Belt Replacement?

While every vehicle is different and specific to manufacturer’s guidelines, there is no general timeline to when it is time to have your drive belt replaced. Although, common signs are missing ribs, new cracks, or close notches. If your vehicle experiences an oil spill, has dirt build up, or is exposed to inclement weather conditions, your drive belt may be affected as well.

On the other hand, rest assured when you bring your ride to Toyota of Ardmore to be serviced, we will always be open and honest with you. If there is a service you honestly don’t need, we will never recommend it. Don’t find yourself in a sticky situation, as there is nothing worse than a standstill vehicle with a snapped belt. Our services are quick, and our technicians are skilled, so schedule a service with us online today!

Schedule a Drive Belt Replacement Service in Ardmore, OK

Put your mind at ease and come see us at Toyota of Ardmore. With a few regularly scheduled maintenance checks, your car is going to be driving in tip top shape. We service all vehicles, not just Toyota, and our team is full of experts in every department. We offer our customers complimentary coffee and Wi-Fi in our comfortable waiting room. Schedule your appointment and bring your vehicle by so we can check out that drive belt of yours!